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School Systems: Communications, Clocks, Sound & Paging

School Systems: Communications, Clocks, Sound

Classic Systems fully understands the emphasis placed upon education in today’s world and that educational concerns are constantly on the rise. In order to meet the growing demands of today’s educational systems, Classic Systems has partnered with Bogen Communications, the world’s leading manufacturer for complete solutions in the school market for communications/intercom, clock and sound.

If the schools intercom needs are to communicate with all or select individuals or areas within a facility or campus/district wide, Classic Systems has the solution for your needs. Our systems enable communication in classrooms, hallways, corridors, administrative areas, staff areas and all other required areas. The Quantum Multicom IP is an IP based educational solution that yields effective communications facility wide as well as district wide. This system is scalable and can be leveraged on existing networks to lower costs. The Multicom 2000 system is micro-processor based and is fully programmable as well as remarkably versatile and dependable. This Multicom 2000 can be upgraded at any time to the Quantum Multicom IP system with ease.

Time is money and that applies to schools as well as all aspects of life. As such, Classic Systems provides Master Clock systems to meet the needs of educational institutions as well as industrial and commercial needs. We offer analog, digital, master, slave and wireless clocks. A built-in Master Clock controls and synchronizes all digital and analog secondary clocks, ensuring all clocks in a facility display the correct time. The Master Clock can control multiple events throughout the facility, such as class change signaling, and automatically adjusts for seasonal events, holidays, and daylight-savings time.

Sound systems are used and relied upon daily in the educational system. Classic Systems is proud to be a leader in this field. We offer sound systems for use in cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, outdoor athletic fields and any other location needing a sound system or “Local sound system”.

  • School Intercom/Communications: IP based for local or campus use or micro-processor based for local use
  • School clocks: Master clocks, digital clocks, analog clocks, slave clocks for use in any application. Wireless clocks for use in hard to install applications or for faster installation.
  • Sound: the right system for every application
  • Integration: all of our intercom/communication, clock and sound systems can be fully integrated
  • Experience: Classic Systems has designed and installed integrated school systems throughout the New York and New Jersey regions for years. We have provided both small and large systems to standalone facilities as well as to campus environments.

General Sound and Paging

Classic Systems provides both a Pro Audio line of systems as well as a general line of sound and paging systems. We have solutions for the world’s finest performance venues and theaters and we also have a broad spectrum of products to meet all other applications.

  • Pro Audio: speakers and amplifiers
  • General sound and paging: amplifiers, ceiling speakers, weatherproof speakers, mixers, microphones, stands and accessories
  • Wireless: IR systems for use in classrooms, theaters and any other specified location