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Consulting & Engineering Services

It has always been the philosophy of Classic Systems that a successful project begins with top notch engineering. That is why Classic Systems maintains its own staff of engineers, each with years of experience in low voltage systems. Our engineering staff has designed systems for high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping centers, schools and just about any application possible.


Whether our engineers are working with a building owner, general contractor, electrical contractor or even other engineering firms, they always put the needs of the client first. "Listening" to the client and determining their actual needs is of the utmost importance. Many times, by paying careful attention, Classic engineers can value-engineer a project thus providing the project with the necessary system at a favorable price.

Classic Systems' engineers design a complete system. They select the equipment, all provided by the industry's leading manufacturers, most applicable to the project. Then they create AutoCAD drawings showing point-to-point diagrams of how the equipment is to be installed and where the equipment is to be located. The engineers go so far as to specify the type of wire needed for the installation. They then pass this information on to the client and discuss the project with Classic's installation department. If filing the drawings and/or “stamping” the drawings for local AHJ approval is required, Classic has licensed engineers available to perform this function.

Classic Systems. Inc. engineering department's excellence is known throughout the industry. Independent consultants and engineering firms often call upon Classic Systems to engineer, design and specify systems for their own use. By doing this Classic Systems engineering department constantly shares information with it's peers thus keeping current with all of the newest trends in the industry. Further it develops relationships with the local engineering community which only benefits the company as whole further down the road.

“Lunch and Learns” are an extremely valuable tool for educating our clients. Whether the client is an engineering firm, contractor or end user they can all benefit from one of Classic Systems lunch and learns. In addition to providing the “lunch”, Classic Systems also provides vital information on new products and technologies that are crucial to our industries growth and development. The technology used in our industry changes on a daily basis and Classic Systems has charged itself with the responsibility to educate its clients. Given the ever-changing codes and regulations that are applicable in our life safety industry, Classic Systems also offers lunch and learns to keep our valued clients up to date on the codes that drive our businesses.